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motorola xts 2500 model 2 manual

operating instructions in the Product Safety and RF . ii ASTRO XTS / XTS I Model III The Motorola products described in this manual may include. The XTS ® portable radio is no longer manufactured, however Model I: Basic, with no display; Model I Large bitmap display; Model II: Large bitmap. Two -Way Radio Motorola Astro XTS User Manual Model I User Guide 68PC04 ASTRO XTS Digital Portable Radio Model II User Guide. RLN Carry Accessories Long Fireman's radio strap 56" with buckle. Select A Channel A 15dB step attenuator is included in the front end to provide additional protection against strong signals. Basic Maintenance Handling Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor CMOS devices, and other high-technology devices, are used in this family of radios. Page 14 Commercial Warranty Notes Page 8 Furthermore, Motorola reserves the right to make changes to any products fca ergebnis heute to improve readability, function, or design. Send a Silent Emergency Alarm With your radio turned on, press the Emergency button.

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It is used to cover the connector when not in use. Transmit and receive frequencies are different. Use the Preprogrammed Volume Set Button Turn the radio on and select the desired zone and channel. Patent and Trademark Office. Motorola ASTRO XTS User Manual pages. Belt Clip Belt Clip Attach the Belt Clip Align the grooves of the belt clip with those of the battery. This prying action forces the thin inner plastic wall toward the base of the radio, releasing the two chassis tabs.

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Proper alignment is critical to the operation of Balance Alignment signalling schemes that have very low frequency components for example, DPL and could result in distorted waveforms if improperly adjusted. Product item serial number in order to receive warranty service and, also, deliver or send the Product item, transportation and insurance prepaid, to an authorized warranty service location. Preventive ASTRO Digital XTS radios do not require a scheduled preventive maintenance program; however, periodic visual inspection and cleaning is recommended. This feature must be programmed by a qualified radio technician. Accessories Motorola provides the following approved accessories to improve the productivity of your XTS portable two-way radio. Battery Recycling And Disposal Page 3 ASTRO Digital XTS Model Chart


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